Benedictine Archabbey of St Adalbert and St Margaret

The monastery of Břevnov is a monastery in the Benedictine tradition. The Benedictine monks follow the rule of Saint Benedict, a rule of their community which Saint Benedict of Nursia wrote down for them in the sixth century. The way of life of this order is expressed in the maxim „To pray and to work“.
The community of monks prays and works again in the monastery. Their position in the city and the rich tradition provide them with many tasks. The monks who are priests look after the parish of Břevnov and the pilgrimage church of Our Lady of Victory on the White Mountain. Since 1998 the Břevnov abbey has been publishing „Pietas benedictina“. It provides present day Czech readers with translations into Czech of the monastic tradition from antiquity to the Middle Ages and other important works of early Christian spirituality. The monastery runs a hotel Adalbert and a restaurant Klášterní šenk located on its premises, representative halls of the prelate’s residence are hired for cultural and various public or private events.
The building and renovation work are progressing stage by stage. At the beginning of the 21st century the monastery and its community participates once again in the life of the area of Prague-Břevnov.


Benedictine Archabbey of St Adalbert and St Margaret
Markétská 1/28, CZ 169 00 Praha 6-Břevnov

Information desk: +420 220 406 111   /

Parish office –
+420 220 406 232   /

Guided tours:

Adalbert Hotel –
+420 220 406 170   /

Restaurant (Monastery Tavern) –
+420 220 406 294   /

Granary (Beer shop) – 
+420 220 406 112   /

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Safety Guidelines with the Plan of Břevnov Monastery (pdf)

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Church of St Margaret Adalbert Hotel*** Monastery Tavern Granary: Information desk, tickets, Beer shop Parish office Convent (Enclosure) Prelate’s residence Vojteška pavilion Brewery Garage Main entrance gate